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When the long night is coloured by the moonlight ▼

Just down five more miles.

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Icons + banners + GIFs.
» Fivemiles

A graphics community moderated/managed by
mirror_shot, fudgestorm, sweetlolixo and ribboncandies.

We collaborate to update as much as we can and bring you graphics (icons, banners, F-O Banners and maybe even GIFs or Wallies) relating to J/K-Pop! :)

We do mostly simple icons of our favourite Japanese Pop/Rock and Korean Pop artists, bands or groups. Most posts stay open for two days only provided we don't forget to lock them unless stated otherwise at the bottom of the post. If you'd like to see our locked posts, do join this community and watch it to see our updates on your f-page. We don't spam, most of the time so no worries! :D

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We aren't picky, petty or fussy, just as long as you follow our rules. Be sure to credit when you take something and don't plagiarize. It hurts us when we respect and trust our members/the public yet they copy off our icons and community. Also, note that textless icons aren't bases so don't use them to make your icons unless we make it clear. Comments make us really happy so leave one to show your appreciation anytime! :)

This community and its works are best viewed in Mozilla Firefox Version 5.0.

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